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8 DIY projects that will help cut the cost of your wedding

The cost of your wedding can quickly stack-up and it’s very easy to suddenly find yourself over-budget. Here is a list of DIY projects that you can do to bring down the costs.

1. The Fool-Proof (and Fun) DIY Photo Booth

Photo booth

Guide to making your own foolproof photobooth

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding can set you back as much as £400 for a 3-hour hire.  If you are considering having one at your wedding check out this cool do-it-yourself version.


2. How to make natural petal confetti at home

DIY Wedding Confetti

Steps to make natural petal confetti

Not only can you save money by making the confetti yourself, you can also help save the environment by using natural biodegradable confetti rather than paper. Many wedding venues don’t allow paper confetti so check out this fantastic alternative.


3. How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation

Guide to making your own wedding invitations 

So making your own wedding invitations can be a little time-consuming. So you might be tempted just to go ahead a pay someone else to do it. Before you do, read this awesome post about creating your own.


4. DIY Table Decorations

wedding table decorations

Do-it-yourself table decorations for your wedding

Table decorations don’t have to be expensive or too fancy either. This post has some perfect examples of DIY table decorations for your wedding day.


5. DIY Boutonniere – Super Simple Wedding DIY Floral Project


Create your own buttonholes. 

Add a personal touch to you and your groomsman’s wedding outfit by making your own buttonholes. These are super simple to make. We suggest following the same steps but using a thistle instead. The great thing is you can find thistles everywhere.


number cards

Ideas to inspire your DIY table numbers 

Very quick and simple to make. This post has a fantastic collection of ideas for your table numbers.


7. 10 Easy DIY Place Cards You Can Make in a Day

seating cards

Great ideas for seating cards

Let your creative juices flow with these 10 wonderful ideas for creating your own seating cards. The post reckons this can be done in one day so it shouldn’t take up too much of your time.


8. 25 Unique, Easy, and Awesome DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding Favours

Refreshing ideas for wedding favours 

Struggling to think of what to have for your wedding favours? Sick of sugar-coated almonds or miniatures? Check out this post. We love these ideas. Especially the ones that are edible. There’s just one idea missing from the list that we think should be included. Homemade tablet.